The Erokoning team

All departments
Customer service
Customer service is available 7 days a week and is led by Fabio. Customer questions are answered via telephone, email and chat. Professional, patient and friendly, with the utmost care and service. Our customer service team currently consists of Fabio, Anthony, Eddy, Leen, Tim and Gregory.

Sales / Purchasing
Our Sales team explores the markets, looks for new opportunities and maintains relationships with our business customers. Trade shows, meetings, great deals, everything passes by in the Sales department. This team includes Leo, Sven, Martin, Barry, David and Gregory as Sales Director.

The Erokoning logistics team consists of more than 50 people. They ensure that the logistics process runs smoothly. They book the stocks and fill the boxes. They take care of the discreet packaging of all orders and arrange that the packages reach our customers in no time. With Jonas as logistics manager and Dirk as team coordinator.

With Pattie as coordinator of the Marketing team, this department ensures the findability of our shops and articles in search engines. Adwords, SEO, SEA, terms that are very useful to the people in this department. With marketing employees Neel, Leonard, Floor, Martin and Pieter there are always nice promotions, promotions and interesting newsletters. Suzanne is our Social Media coordinator and manages all social media channels.

Product and Content Management
If you sell products online, the descriptive text of the products must be correct. The correct photo must be included with the article and all characteristics must be stated (such as which battery is included). The Product and Content Management team takes care of this data, among other things. In addition, blogs are written, the texts are naturally made as fun and search engine-friendly as possible, advertisements are devised etcetera. Everything in the textual field falls under this department. Jonas is responsible for coordination in this department. The tasks are further divided among Chloé, Mark, Koen, Nick and Joachim.

Without pictures everything is very boring .... Our graphic team provides everything with pictures and colors. From designing advertising banners to product packaging, as well as the colors of the walls in our business premises. Everything is thought up and carried out by the design department led by Céline. Lien, Cindy, Lotte, Kayla and Aurelia take care of beautiful layouts and clear views. Both in internal and external communication.

ICT & Development
We exist thanks to internet sales. The sites must work, the computers must run. For this we have 4 subteams, with Jonas as coordinator, within IT: system management, front-end development and back-end development. The computers and servers in our building are managed by Melissa and Anja (system management). Within Erokoning we have the front-end development department, where Wilma and Ginovani provide all sites with a beautiful appearance and actual forms. Front-end development programs everything you see as a customer on a website. Roel, Jef, Wilma and Melissa are our back-end programmers. These are the hardcore programmers and they build everything that you don't actually see. This is therefore the code on which our entire shop system and management system is based.

Supporting departments
Of course we also have a number of supporting departments. Such as the HR / Human Resources department, where Jeroen is responsible for the job interviews, internal interviews with employees and everything else that goes into HR matters. Anthony is our financial controller. Annual accounts, invoices, it is all numbers and reports at Anthony. Clean offices are pleasant to work in and Isaura and a few other facility staff take care of this. Sonia is our operational manager and process coordinator and is responsible for communication between departments, processes and various other ad hoc projects.